I am a fine art photographer and mixed media artist who has exhibited in DC, Maryland and Virginia.  My studies include Northern Virginia Community College, Santa Fe School of Photography, Montana Formulary, the Corcoran in Washington, D.C. and workshops in New York, Maryland, Wyoming, Canada and France.  I began my photographic journey in 1990 with the study of black/white and infrared films.

Since making the transition from film to digital, I missed the “wet” darkroom and the hands-on development of my photographic images.  I continue to explore alternative printing techniques and substrates in the printing or developing my work.  

I am a juried artist of the Torpedo Factory Art Center and am represented by Multiple Exposures Gallery, both located in Alexandria, Virginia.

My photographs can be viewed daily at the Multiple Exposures Gallery, Torpedo Factory, Suite 312, Alexandria, VA or by appointment at my studio in Fredericksburg, VA.

Artist Statement:  

I am always drawn to places that seem to have been forgotten or are empty of life and feelings.  However, these places always bring out the feelings in me and I have to photograph them. I always wonder what went before and why they were abandoned or forgotten. 

As a photographer, I have learned to see the world very differently. I am constantly seeing little vignettes everywhere I look.  The possibilities are endless and the learning curve constant.  Each image teaches me something new.